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Power in Your Surrender

There is power in your surrender. Specifically, the power is in your CHOICE to surrender.

Consider the instrument; strung tight, hoping to be plucked, it sits tenderly waiting to be had by the hands of the player.

It is pure receptivity.

No resistance, only a quiet willingness to be strummed by anyone who knows the secrets of coaxing from its tension hauntingly resonant sounds. Surrender is in the best interest of the instrument; from it, purposeful beauty is born.

So too, we are instruments.

Made for life to be breathed into us should we choose to surrender to it.

And what we come to feel as we practice the utmost allowing, is the power of our choice to surrender:

To the deepest desires your heart whippers in the quiet morning moments of first awakening

To your lover’s hands

To the uniqueness that is your personality begging you to allow it to paint the world in vibrant hues

To the wind whipping through your hair as you stand at the vast expanse of the salt swallows we call the ocean

To the things that seem to happen to you, as if you are a pawn, moving between black & white boxes

To the rhythm of the seasons that energize, soothe, depress & again enliven

To the drama of phases of your moon cycle that hollow you out & ripen you until you are decaying

To the ecstatic joy & to the grey melancholy

To the stimulation senses as you enter new environments

To the deep bass thumping in your throat as you rock your hips, dripping sweat under neon lights

To your voracious appetites

To every micro moment we get to be alive & to the wicked transformations that death brings

There is power in your surrender.

Watch how your environment (people included) responds when you allow… Allow the magick that is you to be coaxed into sweet surrender.

Life breathed into. A strategic letting go. An animated instrument of life force; one who was made to know


& the power it


XX, Lyss

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