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Exposure Therapy Experience :: 3 Photoshoots, Coaching & Support

Program Description 

Indulge in a private luxury photoshoot experience unlike any other with our Exposure Therapy Experience. Combining world-class embodiment coaching and personalized attention, we are dedicated to capturing the authentic essence of our clients to produce unique, breathtaking photos. 

At Exposure Therapy Experience, the client experience is our top priority.

We collaborate closely with each client to design a tailored experience that meets their specific needs and desires. Before the photoshoot begins, we lead clients through proven embodiment exercises, breathwork sessions, and provide guidance on wardrobe and makeup selections to ensure a holistic approach to the shoot. Throughout the session, we offer comprehensive style-coaching, encourage clients to explore their edges, and provide unwavering support to empower them to showcase their true beauty in front of the lens. 

At Exposure Therapy Experience our goal is not only for our clients to walk away with stunning images of themselves that they can truly be proud of, but ALSO for them to be more intune with themselves, more empowered and more comfortable in their own skin. 


This program is perfect for someone who: 

● desires consistent imagery for their business, website or social media, but has trouble capturing this content on their own. 

● has trouble getting into their body to capture truly powerful images. 

● Has ever said the phrase “i'm not photogenic” 

● Is feeling themselves and wants photos to prove it 

● Tenses up when cameras are present, but needs photos for their business. 


Exposure Therapy Experience TIER 1 for $5,000 ::
Three 5-hour photoshoots 

3 Vision Sessions

2 Debrief Sessions

Pre-shoot drop in & support 
With Pete & Alyssa


for incrementtal payment, email alyssa at


Exposure Therapy Experience :: 3 Photoshoots, Coaching & Support

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