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How To Build Your Self-Pleasure Practice

How To Build Your Self-Pleasure Practice
2-hour RECORDED session from 2.14.23 

You will learn how to:

  • Create a self-pleasure container
  • Build arousal 
  • Be radically present with yourself
  • Improve your sexual skills
  • Flood your body with a healthy dose of feel-good chemicals that improve creativity,
    confidence & aliveness
  • Use sensation as a meditation
  • Touch your pleasure points & erogenous zones

    Women who want to:
    Reclaim their right to pleasure
    Know how to touch & play with their erogenous zones
    Build unshakable confidence & self-esteem in & out of the bedroom
    Reliably access arousal
    Awaken their dynamic creativity
    Evoke a sexual awakening
    Become multi-orgasmic
    Are curious about Erotic Integration

    Body drop-in through connection with sensation & breath
    Benefits of a self-pleasure practice
    Creating your self-pleasure container
    Setting the Mood
    Mirror play & body acceptance
    Toys, lubricant, shower heads, hands & squirting
    Breathe & moving energy
    Translating solo play into your sex life

How To Build Your Self-Pleasure Practice

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