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    Phenomenal question! My original training is as a holistic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) & Life Coach, so motivational interviewing is how I was initially trained to facilitate change. The following modalities are also my toolbox & therefore, are available to you, though as a client, you don't have to manage which ones we use. You can trust me to holistically weave together the modalities that will be most impactful for you. 1. Human Design (HD) is the primary tool we will apply in our work together. It provides the biggest picture perspective, objective observation, and archetypal wisdom. HD not only provides insights, it also equips you with a Strategy & Authority, both of which will be immediately applicable to use as you navigate your process, throughout our work. The Primary Health System, which is the substructure of Human Design will also be utilized. We can absolutely fold in the poetic resonance of The Gene Keys, as they are Richard Rudd's synthesis of the hexagrams of the iChing, which correlate with the Traditional Human Design gates. 2. Astrology will be taken into account. Though not a primary tool, human design utilizes astrology. And, the archetypes found in astrology provide timeless insight into personal patterning. 3. Basic nutritional biochemistry will be used to ensure your physical body is just as well tended to as your spiritual, energetic, mental & emotional bodies. After all, our consciousness lives in a physical body. Spiritually bypassing the foundational needs we have as humans NEVER works. I will always aim to teach you how to sustainably meet your needs as a priority when it comes to eating, nourishment, nutrition, relationship with your body,, etc. 4. The Science + Art of the Menstrual Cycle will be used as a primary part of our work if you are a menstruating human. For 14+ years I've worked with the menstrual cycle as a guide to optimize everything from sex, movement, socializing, eating & body image. 5. Embodiment practices such as basic breathing, sensual awareness, dancing, self-pleasure, walking, environmental mood-setting, exposure therapy (a term I coined for exposing yourself to yourself through self-expression-centric photography & mirror work), and deliberate pleasure rituals will be recommended. 6. Non-Violent Communication will be a key player in how we shift inner monologue & outer dialogues. 7. Sexual Energy & Erotic Integration which is 10+ hours of coursework that teaches you to connect with the life-force that is Eros through a relationship between you & your sexual self. This deeply holistic coursework will be transformational for those who struggle with body image, confidence, embodiment, sensuality and self-expression. 8. Time-space for application & in-real-time integrationof the materials (including session recordings, application practices, homework & coursework, and finding your own flavors of application).
    TThe structure of 1:1 coaching will be slightly different per person as to cater to your needs, the application of materials & time for integration. Each person has a different process. I will account for the variables* as you communicate with them. However, the general structure is this: 1. You schedule a Clarity Call. We hop on a clarity call to connect. This is necessary so you can feel me & I can feel you. These calls are safe, ZERO-pressure spaces. I will never guilt trip, subtly shame, nor manipulate you. NEVER. You are an intelligent boss. I am your guide... If you invite me. Clarity calls fill you in on what to expect & help me take a pulse on where you are at so I can best guide you. Do not schedule this & then no show. Respect my time as I will respect yours. Thank you. 2. You complete "getting to know you" paperwork & receive your personalized 2.5-hour Human Design reading (before the initial consultation, most times) so you are familiar with HD language & your design. 3. We dive in with your 2-hour initial consultation on Zoom & get clear on where you're at now vs. where you'd like to be, and our plan of action to get you there. These calls are intimate, dynamic & set the course for our work together. 4. You receive your personalized material resources & access to all applicable coursework within 1-week of your initial consultation. This includes your access to all coursework (Erotic Integration, Rhythm: Embodied Eating, Feral Flame Moon Cycle Guide, etc.) Scheduling & Pacing & any personalized protocols (re-patterning practice, de-conditioning question prompts, food, supplements, pleasure rituals, Mindscape, etc.) you may need to catalyze the transformation desired. 5. You apply the material from the coursework, personalized resources & sessions. As you learn, integrate & embody, you observe your experience. 6. We have bi-weekly to monthly follow-up sessions. These are for us to dial in & integrate the materials based on your individual needs & what you’re observing as you apply the material. We will explore what's working & what needs some attention, meet whatever is up in your real time experience & use the lens of Human Design to orient us. The pacing will be decided once we are flowing, based on your experience. Application & integration are the CORE of this work. So, I will never rush you. 7. Resources beyond coursework: You will have access to the recording of every session. Notes from sessions are provided as needed. Updated // personalized resources are provided as needed. *Examples of variables that we will personalize / that will shift the structure: Some need accountability, others do not. Some have a lot of questions up front, others do not. Some want the step-by-step version, others want artistic license. Some want to talk weekly, others monthly. Some want 6 months of guidance & coaching, others want 12 months.
    Human Design is an unparalleled system for returning to the freedom oof our uniqueness by way of deconditioning. It is an experiment. Not a belief system. For it to be effective, one must be willing to apply the information & observe their experience. Human Design (HD) is a synthesis of some of the most timeless systems known to man. It synthesizes information from the Chakra System, the Kabbalah, Quantum Physics, Astrology, the Chinese I-Ching, and Nature versus Nurture. Though, instead of simply providing insight, HD gives us a specific Strategy & Inner Authority to experiment with as a means of coming home to ourselves. We will use HD as a road map to navigate your energetic patterning, conditioning & de-conditioning, archetypal reflection & deep understanding of the Self. Human Design is one of the best ways to cultivate more awareness (of Self & Other), as it equips us with an energetic & mechanical blueprint of the following: 1) Your aura & energetic type 2) Your strategy: how your energetic type can best move through the physical world 3) Your inner authority & decision making 4) Your emotional themes 5) Your consistent & variable energetic patterning 6) Your unique cognition, awareness & optimal environment 7) and, the archetypal rolls we find ourselves moving within through the phases of our lives MORE ABOUT HUMAN DESIGN: Human design is an illuminating road map when used alone & a helpful accessory to any other modalities. It is a cross-cultural archetype tool. It draws on ancient & modern archetypal patterning, and there are no competing modalities, as Human Design compliments all of the various modalities by providing insight into the mechanics of how we operate. Human design facilitates our deconditioning process, making room for more of our truest, most authentic selves. It is an accurate decision making tool that, when practiced, gives us access to our true self, The Secret Self, which is liberated by living in accordance with one's Type, Authority & Strategy. The most fascinating thing about Human Design is to experience what happens when we cease making decisions from the mind - the mental awareness - and begin using our authority to make decisions. But, as we say in Human Design (HD), don't take my word for it. It's not something you need to believe in. But, something you're encouraged to experiment with. Try it on to see how it fits. I use HD as the foundation for all guiding & coaching that I do. Yes, even nutrition. Why? Because it's focused on acceptance Nuanced acceptance. It's personal. It's amoral: it doesn't demand a "right way" It invites you deeper into your way. It's a system of patterns. And, it's through recognizing & understanding patterns we come to understand ourselves & others. As we move through our container, I will keep it simple enough that you can immediately apply the HD knowledge as sign-posts & markers that help to orient you to your unique experience, while also teaching you how you can use the archetypes of your HD by weaving them into every single follow-up session.
    You. Me. Them. Literally, anyone. Okay, maybe not anyone, but the classic filters such as gender & age are not applicable here. I have successfully worked with humans ages 15 to 75. I enjoy working with all genders & those who prefer not to assign a gender. If you want to access your potency, learn to reverently care for your unique body, cultivate your spirituality, hone your sensuality, feel & let others feel your magnetism, tune up your mindscape (subconscious + mental patterning), transform your life & feel you connection to magick inn the mundane this work is for YOU. The one thing I do specify is that this work is for the mature human who is willing to show up for themselves. If you don't show up for yourself, nothing will change. If you do, there is nothing we cannot change. I do not create co-dependent client relationships. I will not chase nor pressure you. I will support you. I will guide you. I will resource you. I will reflect with you. All you need to do, is show up.
    It's fair. Haha... Truly, though. I want you walking away from our work feeling entirely enriched by the energy exchange. Due to this value, I will have you tell me the amount of money (a symbol of exchangeable resource) you are ready to exchange for the services I offer. Based on this our timeline, or amount of follow-ups may change. What will not change: 1. The quality of your experience 2. Your Initial 2-hour Consultation + Pacing Schedule 3. Your downloadable Human Design Foundations Recording 4. Access to Rhythm: Embodied Eating 101 self-paced online course & Erotic Integration as desired 5. Access to downloadable Menstrual / Moon Cycle Guide: Cultivate Your Feral Flame (100+page PDF) 6. Access to Erotic Integration online coursework & practices 7. Access to download the recorded zoom sessions 8. Notes after follow-up sessions 9. Messaging on Signal between sessions The minimum amount of resources I ask you to commit to our energy exchange is $3,700. Yes, incremental pricing & payment plans are available. Simply ask! I highly value communication & am beyond happy to have a conversation with you about how we can make this flow for you. Sliding scale is also available, depending on income level. We can discuss it during our Clarity Call. You may "calculate" the hourly rate, but please remember, that as a practitioner my work with you as a client also includes behind the scenes energy to make personalized resources, recordings, and prep work for calls. Not to mention over 30 hours of high-quality, pre-recorded coursework that you will have access to. CONTEXTUAL NOTE: I am a no-motors Projector type in Human Design. This means that energetic integrity is where I live. I must, or I will get burnt out. And, I enjoy this work far too much to be burnt out. So, because of this, I will NEVER overbook. When you pay me for my energy, knowledge, insight, and skill sets, I will show up 100% present with them, for you to access, apply & alchemize. I am extremely generous with my time, as I enjoy guiding those who desire transformation. This is reflected in my pricing.
    Technically, you don't. You can visit the shop & purchase any of the offerings right now. However, because working together looks a little different for everyone, I ask you to schedule a Clarity Call as the first step so that we can connect in real time, feel out our chemistry, and share the structure we will flow through. Clarity Calls help me gather information regarding where you're at versus where you'd like to be. As a coach using multiple modalities, this helps me ensure I have the educational tools & practices you need. Just like you have unique needs when it comes to food, you also have unique needs when it comes to de-conditioning, Human Design application & moving through your process & learning to integrate the knowledge, systems & practices I use to coach. The Clarity Call is recommended as it helps me understand a bit more about you & your needs! Moreover, before we get started, I want to ensure I'm clear on what you're looking for in our time working together. You might know you want to dive in together, but not be 100% sure about how. When we have our clarity call, I can share insight into which offering seems to meet your needs best based on what you share. And, last... While I believe my offerings are priced very fairly for the quality & amount of support, education, personalized guidance, session recordings, resources & notes, and practices that you will be equipped with, I am always open to negotiating sliding scale. That is something we do online during a clarity call.
    Yes, absolutely. You can find client reviews here.
    Right here! Full Menu of Links Booking Links Clarity Call Link for 1:1 Coaching Podcast Link Erotic Integration Rhythm: Embodied Eating Human Design Foundations Reading
    "Avenues of Nourishment" is now "RHYTHM: Embodied Eating 101", which is an immediately applicable, 13+ hour course created from the synthesis of my 10+ years as a holistic Registered Dietitian, working 1:1 with humans all over the world. We can agree everything is interconnected, right? We do not eat in a vacuum. The RHYTHM: Embodied Eating is a framework based on intimate interconnection of all things; body, mind, nervous system, nutrition, mood, Mindscapes, etc. I created to give you the most holistic guidance when it comes to understanding food, eating, nutritional needs, and all the various variables that nourish us. You can move through this coursework independently, guided 1:1 with focus solely on nourishment, or integrated into the dynamic 1:1 coaching container of Magick in the Mundane. We absolutely still focus on nourishment. The many avenues of nourishment are still an absolutely indispensable part of the transformational work I do with clients. After all, without the deep health of our bodies - through eating nutritionally dense food, sleeping well, staying hydrated, and moving in a way that feels enjoyable for us - everything else is more difficult. So, yes we can still focus on nutrition & nourishment. However, should you choose to focus on this, please know I will be guiding you through nourishment in a holistic, multi-dimensional way. This includes your human design, as well as integration all of the other modalities listed. Yes, you are the boss & what you need, we will address, but we will do so holistically. Why? Because we don't eat in a vacuum. Everything is interconnected. I want to be clear that THIS IS NOT RUN-OF-THE-MILL NUTRITION. What this means is that we will still look at all the variables that impact eating & that eating impacts. All of them: From sexuality + sensuality to energetic type + alignment with your values. Food, eating & relationship to our bodies are intimately interconnected with all other parts of our life! I will not be available to do one-dimensional nutrition. Meaning, I am not just going to write you a meal plan and send you on your way. That's not sustainable. NOURISHMENT is not nourishing if it's not sustainable.



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