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HUMAN DESIGN :: Personalized Foundation Reading & Integration Session

****Please make your purchase & schedule your Integration Session using this link****

THIS IS A 3.5+ HOUR OFFERING  is $515.55
CUSTOM / PERSONALIZED 3-Part offering: You'll receive a Human Design Orientation, which will introduce you to the whole system. Then you'll get your 2.5+ hour HD Foundations Reading (recorded audio made personally for you) & last, we have a 60-minute live screen share, Integration Session to clarify application of the materials.


This is designed to give you about 3-3.5 hours of total content on the application of YOUR personalized Human Design Type, Strategy, Authority, profile, centers, channels, gates & planetary positioning. Human design is an augmentative system that we'll use as a road map to navigate your energetic patterning, conditioning & de-conditioning, archetypal reflection & deep understanding of the Self. 


I use the Traditional System of Human Design Language COMBINE with my own take on the archetypes of astrology, the iChing, the Gene Keys & chakra system.


This is a 2 PART OFFERING:

Part 1 = 2.5 HOUR recorded reading of your HD

Part 2 = 1 hour zoom session Q+A, integration



1st: Use the link to purchase your reading & schedule your Integration Call (Part 2).


Note: When scheduling your integration call, please book it 10 to 30 days out from the time your schedule so that you have have ample time to receive & unpack your Part 1 foundations recording.


2nd: From the birth information, I create Part 1, which is a personalized 2 to 2.5 hour Human Design Foundations Reading (recorded) based on your Human Design Body Graph. You will receive this recording to download, listen to & unpack it.


3rd: Optimally, you'll listen to your Personalized Reading , 2 to 3x. 
Take notes & make questions.


4th: We get on Zoom screen share for your Integration Session, 60-minute screen share of your Human Design, so you can get clear by reviewing the information together & asking questions. 



RESCHEDULING POLICY: You can reschedule twice, but it must be within 12 hours of your consult. Any reschedules beyond that will need to be re-booked as a paid consult.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at - thank you for your Trust. 

HUMAN DESIGN :: Personalized Foundation Reading & Integration Session

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