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Sex & Innocence :: The uncontrived art-form

INNOCENCE :: The most potent entry point for sex & the embodiment of erotic energy. Last night, I sat under a starry mountain sky, across from one of the most intelligent & intuitive humans I’ve ever known. We enjoyed spiraling conversations about life, partnership, motherhood, sex, business, surrender, the stimulation, and eros over dishes of steamy pasta.

Back in 2015 she was the first woman I openly verbally admired. I still remember walking over to my heart racing, as she bouldered & sharing, “I have a woman crush on you. You’re gorgeous & alive”.

It was easy to share because it felt innocent; it was an admiration of nature’s brilliance with no expectation. Maybe she could feel that. We became great friends.

Since I’ve been young, I’ve been taken with the unusual beauty of nature. The all-consuming inhale of sunrise, the ecstatic swirling of ever-dissolving clouds, the silhouette of nude trees lining the winter horizon, plumes of thick fog that roll over the skin leaving the finger-tip-tracings of a chill, the deafening silence of falling snow, the scent of decomposing leaves after a too-long summer, the electricity of a hunting hawk, the hips of a well-fed woman, the methodical thrusts of ocean waves, the laughter of an embodied soul.

For me, there is erotic energy in all of those expression of life. They paint the picture of consciousness’s desire to inhale deeply, and then to moan in the relief of an exhale. They are the breath of life. They are (metaphorical) SEX.

It often surprises people that I deliberately waited to have sex until I was about 20 years old, but you see, my life was never void of sex.

I was watching it all around me, always.

Watching it unfold in life, in nature, in the blushing of cheeks, in the dispersion of milk thistle seeds on an autumn wind & in the cycles of the melancholic moon.

innocence is the entry point for the embodiment of eros & connection to sex energy because from this place, the intention of the energy is energy uncorrupted. hat I mean, is that when born organically, from innocence, Eros (“the sum of life-preserving instincts that are manifested as impulses to gratify basic needs, as sublimated impulses, and as impulses to protect and preserve the body and mind”) & sex energy are pure life force.

It’s as natural as the hunger that makes our mouth water when we’ve not yet been fed & the imperative of the last breath you took.

Through the lens of innocence:

You are not just having sex

You are sex

You are not just giving sex / experiment it only with another. Sex is the life-force in you & you choose how you express it.

From here, you are not giving sex to evoke something from someone else, nor even to catalyze an outcome. You are merely being breathed by the energy of it, and allowing it - without hinderance - to flow through you.

When we connect with sex / sexual energy through our our body, our own curiosity, the innocence of our own desires - not literally, as an act with others, but first as a cultivation of our own vitality & an extension of nature, for our own self, it’s intentional, deliberate, clear. It’s unadulterated. It’s wild.

It’s sovereign & connecting.

It’s humbly powerful.

And that - at least in my own experience - is the entry point for safety, and transparency & bone-deep enjoyment, free of the heavy burden of guilt, shame, or the murky waters of disjointed sex.

From this place,

If innocence, sex energy & Eros is perfect.

From this place, it is human meshed with the vigor of spirit.

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