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What Human Design Says about Sex

What if I told you that sex & love aren't personal? Walk with me for a second... Imagine a young woman just getting out of college. She lands in a new city & filled with excitement, yearns for new experiences. She is hungry for shared experiences that allow her a taste of life. She joins clubs, classes, and revels in new adventures. As she meets humans she likes, she engages in a rich cornucopia of sexual exploration with men & women. She is driven to transform her inexperience into a taspesty of trying new things - of being deeply experienced. So, she does.

Now, imagine another young woman. Same situation. Except this young woman is not interested in the many colors of sexual experience. She is interested in the spoken word, hazy cafes, meandering through blossoming gardens, engaging in long-moody conversations with new girlfriends, and dancing tango with a mysterious gentlemen she met while enjoying a glass of some obscure wine. For this women, it's all about the dance. Not the literal one, but the figurative, push-pull. The provocation of the whole story, which over time-space liberates her spirit.

Imagine a third young woman. She lands in the same city. Same situation, except she lands with her partner of three years. They are excited to nest and build a home-base, get stable jobs, establish community, finally have the finical stability to meet their needs, and root down. They continue to make time for hand-holding date night every Saturday evening where they sit, quietly enjoying the slow space of physical connection & eye contact before they go back home and read in bed before another busy week.

What I profiled above are the different sexual thematics that exist in Human Design. Respectively, they are Kundalini Sex, Emotional Sex, and Ego Sex. Each of these are driven by different energetic circuits. The collective, sharing circuitry drives Kundalini Sex. The individual, empowering circuitry drives Emotional Sex. The tribal, support-based circuity drives Ego Sex.

Each of us has a combination of these different energies in our design. And, as you read this, I'm sure it's dawning on you that you might lean a little bit more toward one or two of the aforementioned "young woman (or man or wherever you fall on the spectrum of gender)" archetypes above. Now, imagine knowing this information about yourself. Imagine knowing it about your lovers. Your partner(s). Your family. Imagine being able to feel your sexual mechanics at work & know that they are not personal, but are simply an energetic tendency. A pattern. Signposts. Entry points. Imagine how liberating it will feel to see other people's sexual, relational, and interpersonal mechanics at work and not take them personally? But instead, be informed by them. Enlightened by them. It's empowering. Beyond empowering, actually. This is exactly the type of information I will be guiding you through during our 1:1 coaching sessions throughout the 7-weeks of Erotic Integration. And, this is just the scratch of the surface. As, ultimately will all be much more personalized. If you're excited to join me, sign up here or read more here.

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