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PROJECTORS: The Exception to Know Yourself, Know Your Magick

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

"Know yourself, know your magick" is a general axiom. That is, when it comes to the following Human Design Types: Generators, Manifesting Generators, Manifestors & Reflectors. Written on the entrance to Delphi lives the axiom, "Know Thyself". And, while it's generally great advice, there is an exception.

Projectors. Projectors types are the exception. You see...

Projectors are beings with no innate ability to generate energy (no sacral definition) & no ability to manifest, due to a lack of a motor (one of the 4 defined energy centers that generate energy) connection to the throat. So, where does that leave projectors? Projectors tap into their magick by knowing the other. Why? How?


Because of what's stated above (no generating energy & no manifesting energy), projectors have a basic need for the other. They are a type that needs generators to tap into sacral energy & need manifestors / manifesting generators to tap into manifesting energy. However, with this need comes an energy exchange. A rather intimate energy exchange. Intimate how? As the projector taps into (through amplification of energy in said open centers) the generative and/or manifesting energy of the other types, it metabolizes that energy & is left with the metaphorical metabolites of the other's energy. Said metabolites include the conditioning & themes of definition from the other. (( MAGICK: This is why Ra Uru Hu says projectors should not have intimate relationships with people that they would not literally eat. Yes, eat. As in consume. Why? Because projectors metaphorically eat the energy of those with whom they are in energy exchange with. Projectors, be decisive.)) Through this intimate & much needed energy exchange, the projector is provided with manifeesting & generative energy to temporarily amplify, but in exchange is left with the conditioning of the other. The genius of the projector is to objectively utilize the metaphorical metabolites (conditioning) from the energy exchange as information. Information about the other, that allows the projector to intimately understand the other. This intimate understanding allows the projector to recognize the other for who they are, in all of their potential & in all of their conditioning. The brilliant of this system is that the aforementioned metabolism, understanding & recognition of the other facilitates an understanding of Self as well. How? Ever heard the saying, "if I can name it, I can claim it"? Often, what a projector can name, or recognize in the Other, they can recognize tendrils of in themselves. If not tendrils, then at least parallels. And if they can't, then the projector will also become conditioned by this energy as they metabolize it. For the projector, knowing the other is the entry point to knowing the self. It's a dance of "is this me?" or "is this them". And, either way, the outcome is better understanding. Projectors are not here to know themselves. At least not by way of themselves. Projectors are here to know themselves by knowing the other.

Are you aa projector? Do you feel this? Notice this? Does it resonate? If you are not a projector, do you observe this in the projectors around you? In cheshire cat-like curiosity, Alyssa Frances (a self-projected, 6/2 projector) photo by Rivka Peiffer


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