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Inside, Out

For me, it’s always been imperative to cultivate a harmonious, mystical, interconnected & well-fed Inner Life. Why?

It’s from there that I allow energy to radiate from me, into the world. When I’m nourishing that inner life, I feel the best outwardly. It’s “as above, so below”, but as within, so with out.

What do I mean?

When I copy outward symptoms of beauty, that feels hollow & for me, like I’m pining for something.

However, I’ve learned over & over that when I cultivate a feeling of inner opulence, connection to Eros & resource myself from within, I am holding the energy of beauty. Not physical beauty, per se, but more of a “if I am feeling myself, you’ll feel me too” kind of energy.

As I always say, “it feels good to feel good”… that feeling good comes from within & is then organically seen / felt on the outside.

This learning has been a satisfying life-long process for me & while I’m sure I have an immense amount to learn, Im able to tap into the magnetic magick of this now (in the last 6mo) more than ever.

Some ways I’ve cultivated this inner richness:

- Eat fvcking well. Thoroughly enjoy the food you’re privileged to eat. Lick your fingers, lick your plate, lick your lips.

- Exposure therapy. Take photos. See my body back. Thank it & learn to work with it.

- Practice regular self-expression & allow it to test edges / challenge me.

- Learning my goddamn human design & then practicing my strategy & authority as a mode of self-study.

- Learning to be my own lover. In all the ways: Self pleasure, long walks, dancing with myself, romancing myself, etc.

- Being radically honest. With myself & with those I love.

Do you notice the parallels between your inner & outer?

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