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How do I explain that my niche is one that defies niches? How do I accurately convey that when I get to work with humans to explore the avenues of their nourishment, the niche of my expertise is YOU. Well, your nourishment.

More specificity, it’s actually organizing the variables of your nourishment . Organizing & navigating.

For instance, if you are in a female body & say to me, “goddamn, Lyss, I binge on ice cream every night before bed, and I want to stop because it just doesn’t feel good for me, but I am having trouble.”, right there in that one statement, there are many niches to unfold, look at & then navigate.

I would openly & without judgment, ask you back:

“Where are you at in your menstrual cycle when this happens?”

“Did you eat enough throughout the day?”

“Are your sexual / sensual needs being met?”

“Are you connecting to pleasure/sensation in your body in ways other than the very legitimate pleasure of eating?”

“Where are you at emotionally all day, leading up to that moment?”

“Do you taste the ice cream?”

“What’s you’re relationship with the spectrum of emptiness & fullness?”

“How do you sleep after that?”

“How do you feel when you wake?”

“Are you overwhelmed?”

“Do you consult your body when making a food choice? When making any / all choices?”

“Do you know your human design determination, environment, cognition, etc.”

I could go on & on with questions. Why? How?

**Because no variables of nourishment are independent variables. They are all connected to & therefore dependent on each other.**

This is the dance of not white knuckling: This is the dance of shifting variables to find their sweetest spot, so that the variables they effect can also move closer toward their optimal positions. This is harmony. Equilibrium.

But equilibrium requires the biggest pictures to be seen. So, that is my job. See the the biggest picture, help you to see it & then with a lot of grace, shift… shift… shift until BOOM, you feel harmony in your body-mind.

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