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MATURATION // New Take on Old Cycles

Maturation // I’m beginning to understand a whole new timeline of existence & maturation. One that society hasn’t adopted, but that many of us (particularly human design 6th line personality people) can subtly relate to.

No longer are our lives driven by the Saturnian pressure too reproduce by 15 years (Saturn opposition), and be fully flowered by the tender age of 30 years (Saturn Return).

30 years is the new 15; a doubling of time-space-experience that allows for a quality of maturation that begins with a depth of vulnerability that the former Saturnian process did not hold space for. Said vulnerability is strategic. It allows for more throwing of oneself into the depths of experience: more trial & error. In a sense, more experiential fodder for the fire of refinement.

Then, the cold fire. And, into the frigid crucible we go to alchemize the blaze of discomfort that welcomed us into the 3rd decade. Here we crystalize what we learned.

And then, around mid-life (38-44 years) comes the breaker of chains, electrified w. energy to merge what we are with what we are not: the Uranus opposition.

Can we hold nothing & all? The dove & the serpent. The dark & the light. A time, I imagine, of wicked transformation - grotesque & beautiful. True Maturation.

Following this, the Chiron return (50-52years) & second Saturn return, bringing to our feet a challenge: Can you rise from the ashes as the most unique iteration of yourself? Can you be untouched by the influences of conditioning, purely for your own sake? Can you BE YOU?

At this point, the world truly meets us, in all of our maturity, for the 1st time.

I share b/c the more I learn it / feel it in my body / see it in the world, the more spaciousness I feel in my personal process. There’s much conditioning around “wasted youth” & pressure to hit bench marks by specific ages, but w. this POV, the pressure melts away & all that is left is a feeling of divine timing.

Divine timing that aligns with intangible, electromagnetic forces that work quietly, albeit powerfully, in our process of maturation. A perfect orchestration

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