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NOURISH // The Ripple Fx

Everything that we touch, is touched by how we nourish. Everything we do, is colored by how we nourish.

Nourishment, as a deep & ongoing practice has been one of my non-negotiables in this life. Why?

Because how I nourish myself ripples out into literally every other aspect of my life.

How can I be present & focused if I’m distracted by pervasive hunger? How can I be sexually or creatively satisfied if I deny my appetites? How am I supposed to recalibrate to compassionate understanding after being triggered if the cofactors & building blocks my brain needs to synthesize calming neurotransmitters are depleted? How am I supposed to open my heart if I have to white-knuckle control all the variables of my body? How am to find groundedness in my body when I’m being jerked around by blood sugar dips & spikes?

You see where I’m going with this, right?

Everything we feel, do, think & experience is touched by our nourishment. And I’m not talking about nourishment as in some “clean diet”, or narrow protocol. I’m talking about nourishment as a commitment to our physical, emotional & mental needs. A commitment that begins with the foundation of what & how we eat, but that extends far, far beyond that.

Nourishment is a process. It’s a practice. There are so many avenues of it to explore, refine, shift & find the magick there within. This is why I say, “nourishment is empowerment”.

Because the second you consciously put your big, brilliant, capable energy behind how you nourish, in your own unique way, you will feel the energy of self-empowerment.

And that energy: The self-empowered energy we all have access to if we know how to support ourselves in the process of accessing it, is the


most activating

& enlivening

energy out there.

Or should I say, in there.

Yes, you have access to that energy within yourself. Nourish yourself & find out. Or, just ask any human who has committed themselves to the process of their nourishment.

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