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Sensation :: An Entry Point to the NOW

I was just standing in the kitchen doing a pile of dishes, all of which had built up over that last two days of long hours on my computer, working.

The hot water streamed over my wrists & contrasted against the cool air of the mountain motif. It made me shiver. I pulled in a deep breath, a sweet smile rising from my chest. Softened, my gaze rose & I extended my awareness to the horizon.

A crow called in the distance.

The cat sighed in the corner.

The fire popped.

My mind stopped.

There it is.



A vivid existence, found when I fully engage in the moment with all my mind, body, breath & beingness. Entry points to S E N S A T I O N.

Here, everything is prayer.

I quite like it that way.

Connecting with body sensation is a key that opens the door of presence. Engaging with scents, textures, tastes, physical pressure, body movement, breath, sight, shifts in light, temperature, air on our skin, sound scapes, etc. are all ways to drop your attention back into your body & into the moment.

Connecting with sensation attunes our attention to what is real. To what is truth. To what is now, in front of us. It shifts us of from the habit of getting lost in the mental rabbit hole of “what ifs”, anxiousness, or existential dread & connects us immediately to this moment.

Go ahead, close your eyes & tune into your other senses for a moment. How does your body feel? Do you feel the air on your face? The sensation of the space’s temperature? The sips of hot tea? Or the sultry scent of burning of incense?

Connecting to sensation through the conduit of our bodies is one of the most straight forward shifts we can make, moment to moment. And, in my opinion we were given these keenly sensing physical vessels for a reason. Might one of those reasons be to ground us into the now? To find pleasure? To access relaxation, rejuvenation & subtle sensual information?

Who knows.

I do.

But only for myself.

How about you?

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